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Patan and Bhaktapur Sightseeing Tour

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  • An adjoining cities of capital Kathmandu steeped with world heritage sites.
  • Patan / Lalitpur city of masterpiece arts and crafts and city of devotion Bhaktapur.
  • Explore the immense culture of Hindu and Buddhism existing in peaceful harmony.
  • Lively colorful markets adorned with traditions custom of ancient heritage culture.
  • Tour of great beautiful cities of Patan and Bhaktapur in the shade of Himalayas.


Patan / Lalitpur and Bhaktapur Sightseeing Tour is a wonderful combination of both adjoining cities within Kathmandu valley. Patan or Lalitpur which means a city of fine arts and crafts and Bhaktapur, a city of devotion. Both cities a wonderful place and worth visiting, although it has similar palace and royal courtyards.
But with a difference in historical, and religious backgrounds, at one time stood as three separate kingdoms within Kathmandu Valley. During the time of the Malla regime of the 9th to 17th Centuries, before it was annexed into one country Nepal. With the late Shah monarch, at present visitors can observe the ancient beautiful monuments of great masterpiece architecture. The skilled work of master craftsmen on magnificent pagoda temples, houses, and squares makes Patan and Bhaktapur amazing cities. 
The tour of these cities leaves you spellbound with fascinating age-old cultures of ancient heritage that still exist. As it were for hundreds of centuries, truly marvelous cities that one can experience. 
Patan and Bhaktapur are historic cities of Nepal, popular tourist destinations, due to their rich cultural heritage with stunning architecture.
Patan Durbar Square an early palace, is lined with many beautiful temples including Krishna Temple, the Bhimsen Temple, and Golden Temple.
The Mahaboudha, an amazing temple in Nepal, made with a unique terracotta, is located near the main Durbar Square.
After a tour of Patan, the next exciting place is Bhaktapur also known as Bhadgaon, 15 km. driving distance from Patan city. The city of the medieval era times with impressive temples and palaces, includes the famous Nytapola, the tallest temple in Nepal. The Bhairavnath Temple and palace with 55 windows, is located in the heart of the city square. Besides its magnificent temples and work of masterpiece art and handicrafts on windows and doors of the temples.
Bhaktapur is also famous for pottery made from local clays, visitors can observe the ancient art and skills of making pottery.  
There are various many ways that one can enjoy the tour of Patan and Bhaktapur with the expert guidance of a Treklanders guide. Showing you the wonders of Nepalese ancient cultures and fascinating places. Bhaktapur is listed as one of the best world heritage sites in Nepal.

Important Note

Short Tour Profile:
Tour Grade: Leisure to moderate short walks.
Tour Areas: Around Lalitpur and Bhaktapur districts.
Tour duration: From 8 a.m. Until 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. With short drives.

Best Seasons for Patan and Bhaktapur Full Day Sightseeing Tour:
The best season for tour is nearly year round, except the monsoon wet rainy months of mid-June to August. Where spring season from March to May are the most preferable times for visiting Nepal and all around the Himalayas.

The next best time is autumn / fall from September to November, as well around winter season also. Most days are clear but cold morning and nights, days are short due to sun-light hours.

Trip Itinerary

From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. or a maximum of 4 p.m. with a lunch stop.

The morning after breakfast not later than 8 a.m. Our city / cultural guide receives you for a short drive. Heading south of Kathmandu city crossing a bridge that separates the two districts of Kathmandu and Lalitpur. The drive soon leads to the heart of Patan within the city of Lalitpur, which means the city of arts and crafts.

Enter the magnificent Patan old Durbar Square, steeped with old buildings from the Malla kingdom of the 6th to 17th century. 

Explore the exciting monuments around Patan Durbar Square and beyond.

Patan Durbar Square: Located in the center of Lalitpur, witness the houses of ancient Newari architecture. There are three main courtyards within the palace: 

Mul Chowk, Sundari Chowk, and Keshav Narayan Chowk. Mul Chowk is the oldest one and is at the center of Patan square.

Several multi-sized and old-styled temple houses the western part of the complex. The main among these are the Krishna Temple, Bhimsen Temple, and the Golden Temple of Hiranya.

Mul Chowk (royal court yard and verandah): One of the famous and largest courtyards among the three main chowks, the Bidya Temple is located at the center of the courtyard and the Taleju temples stand around the courtyard.

Sundari Chowk: Sundari Chowk is to the south of the Mul Chowk with a sunken tank known as Tusha Hiti Mul Chowk & Taleju Temple. 

Keshav Narayan Chowk: Keshav Narayan Chowk on the northern part of Degutale temple is the site of the earliest Malla palace in Patan, the Chowk sits on the older foundations of a Buddhist monastery.

Krishna Temple: This temple dedicated to Hindu Lord Krishna was erected in the 17th century, considered to be the first one to be built in Shikara architecture, it commands a vital position around durbar square. The elegant Shikara-style temple is ranked as one of the gems of Durbar Square. The temple is compared with the sacred Mount Meru, which is the abode of the god Shiva according to Hindu scriptures. 

Mahaboudha: The Buddhist temple of Mahaboudha, which is made of clay bricks, lies to the east of Durbar Square. Hundreds of Buddha images are engraved on the bricks. The temple is known for its fine terra cotta work. 

 Kumbheshwor: Just at the rim of Durbar square located the five-storied pagoda temple of Lord Siva built by King Jayasthiti Malla, inside the temple premises a natural spring, its source the belief is the famous glacial lake of Gosainkunda around Langtang Himal of Rasuwa district. 

From Patan after a few hours of interesting tour, a short drive of less than an hour to Bhaktapur city. Where visitors can experience the old medieval time era by entering the beautiful Bhaktapur city and Durbar Square.

Places of main interest for visit in Bhaktapur. 

The Durbar Square: Enter Bhaktapur city's old Durbar Square, where many ancient monuments are located within the palace courtyard. Most of the ancient buildings and monuments, listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, reflect the city's unique culture, and arts including architectural wonders, and a truly living museum. 

Tour of the golden gate regarded as the world's most magnificent and richly carved of unique design and work of artistic skill, enjoy views of the palace with 55 windows. 

Nytapola Temple: One of the main highlights of Bhaktapur is a pagoda roof Nytapola Temple, which means a five-storied temple at the height of 30 meters, the tallest temple in Kathmandu, and the landmark of Bhaktapur city. Built by King Bhupindra Malla in 1708 AD. On each step to the main temple entrance stands pair of figures, starting from the bottom with a statue of wrestlers, elephants, lions, griffins, and goddesses. 

The Bhaktapur National Art Gallery: The gallery, situated within Bhaktapur Durbar Square treasures rare arts and paintings, with manuscripts with painted covers and illustrations. Also includes brass, bronze, stone, and wooden images of the medieval traditional arts of Nepal. 

Bhairavnath Temple of Bhaktapur: In the early days built as a one-story pagoda during King Jagat Jyoti Malla's period, later added into a three-tier roofed temple in 1718 A.D. by King Bhupindra Malla, this temple stands as artistic grandeur. Bhairavnath temple is dedicated to Lord Bhairab - the god of Terror. 

Dattatreya Temple: A little further another nice temple, built-in 1427 AD, was built from the wood of a single tree, visit and witness exquisitely carved peacock windows located near the temple area. 

Pottery square and the market: Bhaktapur is also famous for pottery with two main areas, the first pottery square is called Suryamadhi east of Dattatreya temple, and the oldest pottery square.

The other pottery is located south and close to Nytapola square at Talako Pottery Square, where you can take a stroll along busy market streets to reach the pottery site. Watch the craftsman on wheels shaping the clay in a fine shape an old tradition handed from ancient times to these days.

Before or after a tour of Bhaktapur city enjoy lunch amidst the beautiful historic sites where most excellent restaurants are located. 

After the tour and having a good lunch drive back to Kathmandu, after an exciting and wonderful day on Patan & Bhaktapur Sightseeing Tour.

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  • All ground transportation on a comfortable private vehicle as per the itinerary
  • Guided city tour  by private vehicle
  • An experienced, English-speaking and government-licensed tour guide.

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  • Personal expenses
  • Entrance fees for sightseeing/monument visits 

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