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March to May, September to February
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  • The most exciting and popular Trisuli River for rafting for all types of visitors.
  • Friendly rapids with enjoyable bouncy waves as you paddle further down streams.
  • Interesting rafting river and the best outdoor thrills and adventures to experience.
  • Trisuli a glacial river flows from the glaciers of a gigantic Himalayan range of peaks.
  • Scenic adventurous floats through lovely farm villages and sub-tropical forest.


Trisuli River Rafting, is an adventure on the most popular and scenic Trisuli River. It is an enjoyable adventure paddling downstream, encountering loads of waves with powerful and enjoyable rapids and bouncy waves. Offer full of excitement and thrills with a combination of white-water rapids to soothing and scenic floats. Trisuli River Rafting is exciting and enjoyable, for a day or more to experience the roller coaster waves and rapids. Trisuli River with an exciting thrill of rafting moment to experience. The expert River Guide ensures safety measures with paddling instructions. 
The Trisuli River and its water volume change every season of the year, from Grades I and II to IV. Trisuli River is fed, by various tributary streams, where all the river flows from the glaciers of Ganesh, Manaslu, and Langtang Himal. 
The river runs further downstream to create the great Narayani River around the lowland of Terai. The flat land of Mid Central Nepal, with warmer sub-tropic temperatures, is where the famous Chitwan National Park is located.
Trisuli is a friendly and enjoyable river for rafting, ideal for beginners, families, adventurers, and expert rafters. As well as for birdwatchers. 
Different species of bird habitats along the river and at its sandy shoreline. Is lined with a lush green forest where some monkeys and other wildlife are often spotted while rafting. Besides the superb scenery on the float, one can enjoy and explore the farm village rural life. While rafting or at the end of the exciting trip, as well as one can spend overnight in the comfort of River Lodge / Resorts or camping on sandy beaches close to lovely farm villages.

Best Season for Trisuli River Rafting:

Visitors can enjoy Trisuli River Rafting, around all seasons of the year. Excluding the wet monsoon of summer times of mid-June to August. 
The right favorable and the best seasons are spring and autumn/fall, including winter times. The spring begins in early March and ends in May, where most days are bright with sunshine for longer hours. From early 6:30 am till 5 pm, it can get cloudy afternoon sometimes with chances of light rains.
The next best season is autumn/fall, from September to November, where most days are fine and clear for enjoyable rafting. But much colder morning, late afternoon, and nighttime. It gets much colder during the late afternoon, but it is a pleasant season of autumn/fall. Visitors can also enjoy during the winter time of Christmas and New Year Holidays. Most days are bright and sunny, with cold mornings and late afternoons. But enjoyable time for rafting, and the best for bird watching along the river with different species of birds.  

Important Note

Short Trip Profile:

Rafting Grade:          Leisure to moderate and adventurous as per the season.
Distance Covers:      For a day rafting approx. 20 to 24 km or 12, 05 to 15 km.
Rafting Areas:          Trisuli River from Dhading to Chitwan districts
Rafting Duration:      Approx. 03-04 hours with lunch stops, excluding drives.
Put In Point:          Charaudi or Fisling (02-03 hrs. drive from Kathmandu.
Ending Point:           Kurin Ghat or further to Kurintar village.
                                     (Depends on season with water volume and river current)
Activities:               Exciting drive, the thrill of rafting with scenic float.


Personal items and necessary things to carry is towel, options for wet-suit or rain gear. Sun Block, people wearing glass should have string attached, wearing shorts and T-shirts for rafting. As well carrying spare clothes, after being wet from rafting, sun-hat or caps as optional. Important to wear sneakers, running or sports shoes, while rafting. Camera, Cell-Phones, wallets or valuables will be kept in the rafting water-proof barrel or drum.

Trip Itinerary


Morning as time informed by Treklanders Rafting guide and staff, having early breakfast, and carrying necessary items for rafting. The drive heads beyond Kathmandu city and the valley's western rim, driving on the main busy highway of the country. Heading downhill to lower mid-hills and valleys within farm villages and towns with views of snow-capped peaks. Then the drive follows the Trisuli River to reach at Rafting Put-In-Point at Chauradhi. A small town on the roadside and close to the Trisuli River bank, a short walk to the shore. Where the rubber boat and raft will be ready for rafting downstream of Trisuli River. After changing the clothes for rafting (shorts, T-shirts, wet suits), important to wear sports shoes or similar.

The Captain and senior River Rafting guide will brief on safety measures, paddling techniques, as well as about Trisuli River. The flow, speed, and current as per the seasons wise, including the rapids to encounter. 

A picnic lunch, either before rafting or in between downstream on a sandy beach, depends upon the time. Reaching the Rafting Put-In-Point at Chauradhi and Trisuli River, after the briefing equipped with helmet, life-jacket, and paddle. Get on board, and sit on a tube of the raft, while the captain is seated on the back.

The captain holds the big paddle, to maneuver the raft and gives orders of paddling techniques. Like forward, back paddle, and when not row, as well as the word hang-on, when going through the big rapids.

The rafting starts heading downstream encountering a few exciting bouncy waves, as the paddling progresses. Then getting ready to challenge the Big Rapids, like Ladies Delights, Monsoon, and Upset the biggest with a rip curl.

As the rafting continues and paddling downstream, enjoying going through the exciting rapids and getting wet, from the splash. Slowly the rafting comes to an end after going through the last rapid called Surprise and Bijali (Electrifying) Rapids. The row towards the river bank of Trisuli is close to the village of Kurin Ghat, located by the main highway. After changing into dry clothes then got ready for the drive back to Kathmandu. Taking more than 2-3 hours to reach the hub of the city and back at the hotel; after a wonderful experience on Trisuli River Rafting.    

(After rafting options for drive to Pokhara or towards Chitwan for a wildlife safari)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Approx. 70 to 80 km/ 44 or 49 miles) depends upon the seasons to start and end the rafting. As well as with the speed and flow of the river on each seasons of the year. The drive takes about 2-3 hours, one way. 

Depending upon reaching the Put-In-Point of Rafting, either at Chauradhi, sometimes further at Fisling. If arriving late after 12 pm, a lunch will be set on the beach with a huge tarpaulin. Spread out, with dishes of foods from sandwiches, fried rice, or noodles (pasta). Canned Sardines and tuna with fresh vegetable salad, including refreshment of orange juice or lemonade.  If it’s early for lunch before rafting, lunch will take place further downstream on quite lovely sandy beaches.

From 8 years, above to 75 years of age, should be in good physical shape and with sound health. For younger below 15 and above 70 years need to be accompanied by parents, guardians, and close friends.

Yes, can do so but need to inform Treklanders Adventures beforehand if not traveling back to Kathmandu after rafting. So that the company will arrange transportation to your destinations after completing the Rafting. People who are in Pokhara and Chitwan can also join in Rafting the Trisuli River. Reaching from Pokhara or Chitwan to the Put-In-Point of the Rafting either in Chauradhi or Fishing Village.  

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