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Bungee Jumping in Nepal Himalayas

Bungee Jumping in the Nepal Himalayas is one of the most exciting thrills that one can experience, after enjoying various other activities. Nepal is a premier country for all types of outdoor sports activities, from a hike, trekking, mountaineering, and rafting to mountain biking. But Bungee Jumping holds a special place in the world of adrenaline adventures, which interested visitors can enjoy.

Various exciting spots for Bungee Jumping in Nepal Himalayas from a high bridge and heading down into a deep ravine. The great feeling one can experience after a dramatic Jumping, an energetic sport for all interested people. 

Bungee Jumping has age and weight limits for safety measures: 

One must be above 18 years or else parent's consent is required. 

The weight range, requirement for bungee must weight a minimum of 40 kg to a maximum of 100 kg. For swing must weigh a minimum of 40 kg to a maximum of 120 kg. Bungee jumping has health risks for people who are overweight or with injuries. Pregnant women and people with heart problems or blood pressure are not advised to do bungee jumping. 

If you are in doubt, must consult your doctor before booking the exciting Bungee Jumping in Nepal Himalayas.

Therefore, this site adheres to international safety standards and hence, is believed to be completely safe for bungee jumping activity. 

Hyanja in Pokhara city is Nepal's only high-ground bungee, tower bungee and swing that offers different options for bungee jumping.

The other places for Bungee are from a suspension bridge platform and then jumping down into a deep river gorge.

In Nepal, Bungee Jumping was started by the late David Alerdice from New Zealand, in 2001. Who also runs the beautiful place called Last Resort on the route close to Nepal and Tibet / China border? At present, there are three Bungee Jumping in Nepal, the first in Last Resort near Bhote Koshi River. The other two are near Pokhara and at Kusma above Mygdi River, as well the world's 2nd highest Bungee Jumping.

The first Bungee Jumping in Last Resort: Bungee Jumping first started at The Last Resort near Nepal and Tibet border, a 3-hour drive from Kathmandu. This remarkable daring Bungee Jumping from a high bridge with 160 m / 500 feet drop. Heading down to a gorge of Bhoti Kosi River probably the longest Free-fall in the world. 

The Bungee Jumping in Nepal is the second deepest fall in the world. The last resort is offering these adventurous activities bungee jumping in Nepal. 

The Bhote Kosi, Bungee Jumping is operated by the skilled team of Last Resort with highly modern equipment. Located near the Nepal- Tibet border and 3 hour drive from Kathmandu city. The notable 160 meters jump into the Bhote Koshi River is the longest free fall in the world.

According to the weight, the jumper is provided with jumping ropes and under the administration of specialists, the jumper jumps from the bridge into the face of Bhote Koshi.

Bungee Jumping in Pokhara:  At Pokhara a short drive from the city outskirt to Hyanja, near the Pokhara and Beni / Baglung Highway. Where one can jump from a high lift crane amidst rolling green hills, a valley dotted with farm villages, a great adventure to enjoy. 

Pokhara has also launched a Bungee Jump, from the height of a tower which leads straight down to the pond that nearly touches the surface of the water

Kusma Bungee Jumping: Kusma Bungee Jumping is Nepal's tallest bungee and the world's second-highest bungee Jump at a height of 228 m / 749 feet. The Bungee jump spot is located on the border of the Baglung and Kusma districts of Mid-Western Nepal.

Which is about a 2-hour drive covering a distance of 60 km / 38 miles.

The Bungee Jump stands on a high suspension bridge above the deep Mygdi River which joins with the Kali Gandaki River.  

Seasons for Bungee Jumping: Nearly all seasons of the year, except during wet times of monsoon / summer from mid-June to August. Rest of the seasons including winter times are great for the exciting and dramatic Bungee Jumping.

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