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Upper Mustang Trekking

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17 days
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Jomsom-Kagbeni-Chusang-Samar-Ghiling-Tsarang-Lo Manthang-Ghami-Samar-Kagbeni-Jomsom


  • An amazing journey to wild, windswept picturesque land of Upper Mustang. 
  • Exploring high windswept country to former walled kingdom of Lo-Manthang.
  • Visiting traditional villages enriched with age-old heritage cultures of Buddhism.
  • Tour of famous monasteries and places of great historical and religious interest.
  • Crossing high scenic passes surrounded by towering Himalayan Snow Mountains.


Upper Mustang Trekking, one of the most amazing and picturesque adventure to experience, although a windswept country. But unique place on earth full of charming scenery with natural background of high snow-capped mountains. Upper Mustang lovely villages enriched with ancient cultures and customs of age-old heritage of Buddhism and Bon religions. 

Located Far North West Nepal, close to the border of Tibet / China, as well to eastern part of Dolpo. The former kingdom of Lo, Upper Mustang remained closed for outside visitors until it flung its door open in 1992.  But remains as restricted areas of Nepal to enter the former forbidden kingdom of Upper Mustang. Where all trekkers requires a special permits, this is control the mass flow of visitors, to retain its pristine environment. As well as preserving its old cultural heritage as it were for past hundreds of centuries; since the kingdom was established. 

Upper Mustang Trekking begins after reaching from Pokhara beautiful city in Jomsom, the headquarters town of Mustang district. Where our adventurous walks starts towards dry and arid country to enter Upper Mustang region, from the old Kagbeni village. The trek leads beneath the towering skyline of huge canyons and high windblown eroded hills and cliffs. As walk follows through villages lined with few surviving willows and populous trees, and green and yellow mustard field.  As walk progresses climbing high passes over Yamada-La and Ni-La of above 3,900 meters high facing incredible snow-mountain panorama. Includes views of surrounding beautiful plateau landscapes, dotted with red and brown hills encountering prayer monuments. The route leads through lovely villages of Chusang, Samar and Ghiling reaching nice large settlement at Charang.

Most village’s houses a monastery the pride and respect of the Mustang people known as Lobas. The tribes of Upper Mustang and old former walled kingdom of Lo-Manthang, where all Mustang people follows Buddhism. 
Similar to their Tibetan ancient predecessors, situated across the border of Nepal and Tibet. Bounded by high Kora-La pass 4,660 m / 15,290 feet high, the Upper Mustang and some parts of southern Tibet. Which was under the power of first king of Mustang Ame Pal around 1380 AD. A great warrior and followers of Buddhism and built the walled capital and kingdom of Lo-Manthang. Where our route follows from the lovely village of Charang / Tsarang, walking over high hills and valleys. Then entering the historical walled kingdom at Lo-Manthang, the first impression for visitors, takes you back to medieval periods.

At Lo-Manthang with ample time to explore around places of historical and religious interest. The visit leads to its famous monasteries the Namgyal, Champa Lakhang, Chyodi Gompa and Thubchen with Monastic museum. Thubchen and Chyodi Gompa, holds the famous colorful Tije festival, which falls during the auspicious time in midst of May. 
The tour includes the fort palace of the last late king Jigme Parbal Bista who ruled the kingdom of Lo the Upper Mustang from 1933 until 2016.    

After a wonderful time and experience at walled kingdom of Lo-Manthang, return journey leads on the same exciting routes. But with a difference visiting different lovely villages till the trail joins at Kagbeni, and then to Jomsom town.

An exciting short panoramic flight brings you to beautiful Pokhara city, after a grand glorious experience on Upper Mustang Trekking.

Important Note

Trip Outlooks:
Mode of Treks:     Hotels and Lodge on trekking.
Trekking Grade: Moderate to Adventurous walks
Highest Altitude: On top Nyi La pass 3,950 m / 13,035 feet high.
Duration of Treks: 11 Nights & 12 Days (With flight to and from Pokhara/ 
                  Jomsom / Pokhara)
Total Trip:        16 Nights & 17 Days (Kathmandu / Kathmandu).

Best Seasons:
The best season for Upper Mustang adventure is on spring time from April & May till pre-summer of June. Including autumn/fall from September and October only. By November, most villages and lodges will be closed for cold winter, where all Mustang people migrates to low warm region. Escaping the cold winter months from November till early spring of March.

Upper Mustang falls with rain shadow, where all black monsoon clouds are blocked by the great Himalayan range. This is why the country is dry and arid with near desert like landscapes and yet beautiful. Most days in late spring, summer and autumn / fall is clear with bright sunny days, cold in the shade. As well in late afternoon till next early morning. Afternoon can be very windy bringing extra cold chill factor, can expect snow during all seasons of the year sometimes.

Culture & Religion: 
The Mustang region is populated by the Lobas, the native of Upper Mustang. The Lower Mustang of Kaligandaki River valley is inhabited by famous Thakali people closely related to Upper Mustang natives. Both Thakali and Lobas of Upper Mustang follows similar Buddhism religion, with slightly different cultures and customs. The Thakali and Mustang people beside farming and raising, breeding livestock, a good flourishing business and traders. Thakali and Lobas have been in trading goods across the border in Tibet. The areas falls on famous Trans Himalayan Salt Trade Route of Nepal, India and Tibet / China through Mustang.  

Besides Buddhism religion, the Upper Mustang also practice Bon sect of pre-Buddhism, which exists in Dolpo and Langtang Himal regions.

The menfolk considered as finest horsemen and follows Buddhism with impressive heritage and culture similar to its Tibetan predecessors. 
Most villages have monasteries known as Gompa, every house adorned with prayer flags, and prayer monuments. The famous and most important festivals of Upper Mustang is Tije, which falls during end of spring, around mid-May.

Please Note:
For interested people to attend and observe the colorful Tije Festival, which takes place on 16th to the 18th of May this year 2023. For more information and details, please contact us. 

Trip Itinerary

On first arrival at Kathmandu-Nepal international airport, our staff and guide will receive with traditional welcome. A short drive to your hotel in the hub of Kathmandu city, on checking into your nice rooms. After getting refreshed from the jet-lag, join at the hotel lobby and at meeting room for trek briefing provided by our guide or leader. Information about the hotel, lodge on treks with full details of trekking trails, food and accommodation on treks. As well with do’s and don’ts with welcome group dinner in an authentic Nepali restaurants with local cultural program along with Nepali meals.

Morning after breakfast, the city / cultural guide will meet you at the hotel for tour around Kathmandu World Heritage Sites. As well visiting interesting places of steeped with history and culture. After the tour back at the hotel, preparation for Upper Mustang Trekking 

Morning leaving the hotel for exciting overland journey to beautiful Pokhara, the renowned tourist city in Nepal. The drive leads on the main highway following the Trisuli River, quite popular river for rafting. On reaching Mugling Bazaar, then heading due west facing views of Manaslu and Annapurna Himalayas.

As the drive reach Pokhara city, and then transfer into a nice hotel by the calm Phewa Lake side. Where all good hotels, restaurants and shops are located.

Having an early breakfast, getting ready our guide and staff transfers you for short drive to Pokhara domestic airport. After security check, board in a small aircraft for short scenic flight to Jomsom. A sweeping panoramic flight of less than 30 minutes, enjoy the awesome views of Dhaulagiri-Tukuche-Nilgiri’s with Annapurna and Machhapuchare Himal. On landing at Jomsom small airstrip, our trekking staff will receives you for a short walk to a nice restaurants. Enjoy a short rest with refreshments and getting organized for first day treks to Kagbeni village. 

Jomsom a large town and headquarters of Mustang district and home to indigenous Thakali people. The main tribe of Lower Mustang and Kaligandaki River valley interwoven with Buddhist religion. 

From Jomsom a short walks of few hours, leaving the town suburb to enter Kaligandaki flat river valley. As walk across leads to a small settlement at Ekle Bhatti, where route of holy Muktinath site and Kagbeni diverts.

The walk follows on a pleasant gradual winding trail heading west and reaching an interesting village of Kagbeni.

Morning from Kagbeni, the gateway village to the border of Tibet and Upper Mustang. Kagbeni is the limit for trekkers with normal permits, from here on one needs a special entry permits. From Kagbeni onwards into a wild windswept country, walk on windswept trails in between large canyons. Amidst towering red mud cliffs dotted with smaller caves, as trail follows to a nice village of Chusang.

Actually spelled as Tsusang, the village surrounded by few willow and populus trees and pines. The only surviving trees around high altitude and dry terrain, on reaching Chusang in the comfort of a nice simple lodge. Having time to explore around the village and observe the local exciting cultures.

Morning from Chusang a short walk to cross a stream past broken, eroded canyons appears like a ruined old castles. Tucked on a series of high windblown cliffs, as walk heads above the mouths of an inaccessible caves. 

As walk progresses reaching another interesting village of Chele / Tshele, and then climb leads to a high ridge and a pass above 3,130 m. Offers views of Gyagar village across a huge canyons, the walk then leads to another higher ridge. 

Which is much higher at 3,540 m. Enjoy the surrounding magnificent scenery of surrounding beautiful formations of rocky and high cliffs. Then on gradual downhill to overnight stop in Samar a nice village, and check into a small lodge.

The morning walk leads to a short steep climb above Samar village to reach a scenic ridge top. Having time for views and refreshing stop, then descent to enter a gorge, walking past a large Chorten, a Buddhist prayer monuments painted red, black, yellow and white color. The official color of Sakya sect of Buddhism, where most Lobas the native of Upper Mustang follows. 

Adventure continues reaching to next scenic valley, having sparse vegetation with few juniper trees. The route passes through a stream, with climb to a ridge at 3,800 m high, the climb continues to another pass. For the hard efforts rewards with an awesome views of surrounding scenic landscapes with snow-capped peaks. From the top down to Shyangmochen, a small isolated place with few little tea shops. Enjoying a pleasant rest, as trail follows up at 3,770 m high pass, then reaching a wide valley, after a long descent to Ghiling for overnight stop.

A lovely village surrounded by large crops fields of barley, buckwheat and mustard. Check into a nice simple lodge or a guest-house with a friendly hospitality to enjoy at Ghiling.

The morning starts from Ghiling with gradual slow climb past crops fields of barley and buck-wheat. Uphill continues reaching center of a beautiful valley and above Tama Gung, a small farm village. The walk from here with steep climb across the head of a valley then on top Nyi La pass 3,950 m. The highest spot of the adventure, enjoy the panoramic views of Mustang great landscapes with snow-capped peaks. From the top downhill to a junction, where route of Charang / Tsarang and Ghami villages diverts. 

Our walk follows beneath a colored high cliff of blue, greyish and reds, and head across a valley. Reaching a strong steel bridge over Tangmarchu River, from here uphill reaching a long stretch of Mani (prayer) wall. One of the longest series of prayer walls in the whole Himalaya region. 

From here with last and final climb of the day to a high ridge, as walk descent to Tsarang / Charang for overnight stop. Check into a nice guest-house, one of the beautiful village surrounded by crop fields and willow trees. Includes a huge five storied white colored high Dzong / fort and a Monastery. Located at the edge of the Kali Gandaki gorge.

From Charang towards our main highlight to Lo Manthang, morning begins with short down to Charang Chu River. Then heading for a steep climb to a high hill walk past Tholung valley. 

On reaching the ridge top, our route diverts heading north with slow climb reaching a large Chorten. This monuments marks the boundary of Charang and Lo areas, the walk follows a stream, and then walk into a wide windswept valley.

The walk continues to the top of a high pass, overlooking walled former kingdom of Lo-Manthang. From the top a short down to a stream that outlines the walled kingdom of Lo-Manthang village. As walk leads to a short climb, then reaching inside the walled kingdom of Lo-Manthang. 

At Manthang, transfer into a local lodge or guesthouses with time for short stroll the nice narrow paved streets, lined with shops, stores and restaurants. 

Enjoy the free day at Lo-Manthang, the largest settlement around Upper Mustang, takes you back to medieval period time era. The old kingdom with more than 150 houses, includes residence of priest, monks and lamas. Most building are closely attached with the fort palace and monasteries. Located at the bottom sections within vertical part of L shaped houses. 

Besides the apparent squalor of Lo-Manthang, the local are well-off and maintains strong sense of community. Here the native called as Lobas, the people of Lo.

Tour leads to famous monasteries of Namgyal Gompa, Champa Lakhang (God House), Red Thubchen Gompa. Includes Chyodi Gompa and the great Entrance Hall with special permission to visit interior of the former palace. 

Lo-Manthang where a great Tije Festival takes place in the month of May, as per Buddhist Lunar Calendar. An interesting religious event to observe, during the time of Tije festival celebration for three days or more.

After a wonderful experience with enjoyable time in Lo-Manthang, return journey on the same trail for few hours. As our route diverts with short climb to Ghami village. Ghami is another major and important village of Upper Mustang.

The walk from Ghami leads to same route with climb on top Nyi La, contouring upwards, and then reaching that joins near to Charang. 

From the ridge top, a steep descent to Geling Valley, as walk continues with gentle downhill to Tama Gung. A steep switchbacks path follows a stream; the trail climbs to a large painted Chorten. Slowly the walk leads on straightforward route to overnight stop at Samar, a nice small village with a simple homely type guest houses.

Morning walks from Samar leads downhill on the same direction for few hour past Chele village. As walk follows Mustang Khola, and then on gradual trail in between great canyons and eroded high cliffs. Slowly the walk leads to the end of Upper Mustang on reaching Kagbeni for overnight stop in the comfort of a nice lodge.

From Kagbeni onwards on the same route to Jomsom following the windswept Kaligandaki River Valley. A short walk of few hours reaching the large town of Jomsom, stands above Kaligandaki River. At Jomsom enjoy the afternoon with short walks around Jomsom town full of shops and stores and nice restaurants.

Early breakfast and walk to Jomsom airport, for short scenic flight to beautiful Pokhara, facing grand views of Mt. Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Himalayas. As the small plane, land at Pokhara airport, and then transfer to your hotel by the Phewa Lake side with grand views of Annapurna Himalayan peaks.

From Pokhara with amazing time around Upper Mustang Trekking, morning an exciting drives to Kathmandu, with afternoon free at leisure for individual activities. 

(By air options of 30 minutes scenic flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu) 

Last day in Nepal and with Trail Himalaya, with your time for international flight back to your respective countries, our staff and guide transfers you to airport after a great experience on Upper Mustang Trekking.

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  • Airport Pick up and drop off
  • 3 Night hotel in Kathmandu and 2 Night in Pokhara with Breakfast 
  • All accommodation in simple T-house 
  • Breakfast Lunch and Dinner during trekking. 
  • Experience and government licensed guide and porter
  • Ground Transportation from Kathmandu-POkhara-Kathmandu. 
  • Domestic flight ticket Pokhara-Jomsom-Pokhara. 
  • First aid kit carry by Sherpa leader 
  • Food salary insurance for Guide and Porter 
  • National park entrance fee 
  • All government charges and taxes 
  • 1 porter for 2 trekkers 
  • Farewell dinner last night in Kathmandu. 

Doesn't Include

  • Extra night's hotel stay in Kathmandu if extended stay is required 
  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu 
  • Laundry service / battery charge 
  • Rescue / emergency and Travel insurance 
  • Personal equipment’s and personal expenses 
  • Tips for guide and porter

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, interested travelers can take the overland journey to Upper Mustang on 155 k.m. / 96 miles driving distance. Taking few days with stops in chosen village’s en-route Upper Mustang, but the road from Beni town onwards. The drive is bumpy, and it is unsealed, in rough condition due to frequent landslides. But best to fly in to Jomsom and taking a drive of few days to Lo-Manthang distance of 59 km / 37 miles. The road is much better, although riding on dirt windswept valley with ups and downhill.

Upper Mustang is an extension of Tibetan South West plateau, where moistures in less and very minimum. The area hardly gets rains or touches the monsoon wet seasons of July and August. The rain black clouds are bounded by the high Himalayan range of peaks that is why Upper Mustang is dry and arid landscapes.

Lo-Manthang the old and former walled kingdom is the major town of Upper Mustang, it was tagged as city in early times. But it is more of a smaller town, but the main headquarters town of Mustang district is Jomsom.

The best is April and May to mid-June, where days are much clear with longer sunny days. Can get very windy afternoon till evening times, but enjoyable and one of the best time for visit. The other next best for visit is September to October, days are much clearer for views and walks. But can be much cold morning late afternoon and night times. Days are shorter due to sunlight hours for Upper Mustang visit, requires strong sun blocks creams. As the sun is bright due to high altitude with strong UV. 

From Jomsom onwards and Kagbeni village, the lodge accommodation are simple and basic. But provides clean and nice cozy rooms around the route to Lo-Manthang. At Charang and Lo-Manthang one can have the options from budget, standard to luxury class hotel / lodge accommodation.

Most lodges en-route with common toilets and bath rooms due to the harsh terrain and cold climate. The foods at its best nearly guest-house and lodges provides comprehensive food menu with various items from Continental, Chinese and Indian to Nepali. Including Tibetan foods and snacks with wide refreshment to enjoy. 

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