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Nagarjun Jamacho Day Hiking

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  • Enjoy the refreshing country walks around the Kathmandu valley western rim.
  • Exciting hike amidst beautiful cool shade of forest with vista of Kathmandu city.
  • Walk through enchanting tall trees of rhododendrons, magnolia, oaks and pines.
  • Stand on top of Nagarjun, Jamacho high scenic ridge above Kathmandu Valley.
  • A scenic hike with views of snow peaks in the harmony of a Buddhist monastery.


Nagarjun, Jamacho Hill is also the best for bird watching. As well as a familiarization to experience the landscapes and terrains of the Himalayas. Before heading towards major higher trekking destinations, and other adventures around the Nepal Himalayas. 
Nagarjun, Jamacho Hiking is a perfect country walk, suitable for all types of people and age groups. The best ways to enjoy, fresh cool air amidst pristine surroundings, within lovely woods and far from the bustling city. 
The Nagarjun, Jamacho, is located on a high ridge at 2,128 m towards North West from the Kathmandu Valley. The rolling green hills that surround the valley floor, can be seen from Kathmandu city, along with snow-capped peaks.
The areas of Nagarjun and Jamacho high hills are situated within Shivapuri National Park enriched with exotic flora and fauna. 
The Nagarjun and Jamacho are also popular picnic spots for the city folks of Kathmandu on a weekend holiday. As a good escape from the busy hustle and bustle of the Kathmandu city life. Nagarjuna is the best and nearest scenic hilltops for hikers and adventurers to enjoy a day hike. Allows you good physical exercise, along with glorious views of Central and Western Himalayan peaks. 
Facing the grand vista of Manaslu, Ganesh with Langtang and Jugal Himal, with a sweeping panorama of Kathmandu city and the valley.     
The hike to Nagarjun and Jamacho hilltop leads to a steep climb from the entrance of the park. The climb leads to some gradual sections with a wide open field amidst the dense forest. The hike continues to the top of Nagarjun and Jamacho Hill, with observation towers. The hilltop within serene surroundings with a small Buddhist monastery houses the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha. 
As well as a large idol of Guru Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche, a famous saint of the 7th Century. The guru traveled from India, and meditated in the caves of Kathmandu valley, on his way to Tibet. On reaching Nagarjun and Jamacho Hilltop, after the good hiking of a few hours climb, along with spectacular scenery. 
The return walk on easy gradual downhill to the exit gate of Nagarjun and Shivapuri National Park. Then drive back to your respective hotels, after a marvelous experience on Nagarjun, Jamacho Hiking.    

Best Season for Nagarjun, Jamacho Day Hike:

Visitors can enjoy the hike to the hilltop of Nagarjun, Jamacho, around all seasons of the year. Excluding the wet monsoon of summer times. The right favorable and the best seasons are spring and autumn/fall. Spring begins in early March and ends in May, where most days are bright with sunshine for longer hours. From early 6:30 am till 5 pm, it can get cloudy afternoon sometimes with chances of light rains. 
The next best season is autumn/fall, from September to November, when most days are fine and clear for views and hikes
But much colder morning, late afternoon. Cold in the late afternoon, however, a pleasant season of autumn/fall for Nagarjun-Jamacho Hiking. Visitors can also enjoy during the winter time of Christmas and New Year Holidays. Most days are bright and sunny, and cold mornings till late afternoon. It is an enjoyable time for views and scenic hiking to Nagarjun, Jamacho high ridge.

Important Note

Hiking Grade: Moderate walks with steep climbs and downhill. 
Highest Point: 2,128 m and 7, 645 feet on top Nagarjun, Jamacho Hilltop. 
Location:     North West of Kathmandu Valley Rim.
Tour Duration: Approx. 7-8 hours with drives both ways.

Trip Itinerary


From the respective hotels in Kathmandu, our guide and staff receive you at the hotel for a short drive. The drive heads, south-west past the famous Balaju Water Garden and a Park, the drive heads to winding up. 

To reach the entrance of Nagarjun & Shivapuri National Park, from here start the hike. For a physically fit and athletic person takes only 3-4 hours both ways from the entrance gate. But for normal people will be a full day hiking of 5-6 hours or more, but this is a holiday. So, it is better, to take time with an easy pace and start the steep climb for the first few hours. 

Although some section leads to a steep up, but enjoyable following the serene forested path. After a few hours reaching a wide sloped grassy field, nearly halfway to the top of Nagarjun, Jamacho Hill.

After a refreshing rest, enjoy the sweeping views of Kathmandu city and the valley. The last leg of the journey leads to a steep climb into beautiful woods of rhododendrons and pine trees. On top reward you with a spectacular panorama of surrounding landscapes with views of Himalayan peaks. 

Includes super vista of the Kathmandu Valley and city, and enjoy the cool refreshing air amidst enchanting woods. At the top of Nagarjun, Jamacho stands a small monastery with a statue of the 7th-century Buddhist saint.  

A tantric Guru Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche, meditated in the caves of Kathmandu Valley. On his journey to Tibet, the monastery also treasures a statue of Shakyamuni, the present Buddha. 

After a good rest with alluring views of the surroundings, return walks downhill on the same forested trail. The walk ends, reaching the entrance and exit of Nagarjun and Shivapuri National Park. From here a short drive reaches your respective hotels, after a wonderful and refreshing day on Nagarjun, Jamacho Hiking.

Max. altitude

2128 m.
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  • Hotel Pick up/ Drop off
  • Professional Guide 

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  • Entrance fees 
  • Personal Expenses 

Frequently Asked Questions

Approx. 10 km North-West from the main city hub, the drive covers a close distance of 4-5 km to the start of hiking. The walking takes much longer than the actual distance, due to twists and turns with winding trails. As well as steep climbs of a few hours, taking more than 3-4 hours on the average from starting point.

The downhill of less than two hours to the parking lot, at Nagarjun and Shivapuri National Park entrance; and exit post. 

Yes, Treklanders will arrange the packed lunch, for the day hiking of more 5-6 hours with drives both ways. Please inform in advance of the options of veg and non-veg, the guide and staff will carry or hand you before the hike. 

Our expert Treklanders guide and staff will lead the day hike from the start at the hotel. As well to the end of hiking and escorts you to the hotels. 

Can enjoy the Nagarjun and Jamacho Hike, in all seasons of the year, but best in spring when the days are longer. Full of sunny hours, the season for wildflowers in bloom, especially the rhododendrons of various colors and species.

The next best time is autumn/ fall when most days are clear with sunny, but get dark sooner. Cold morning and late afternoon, can hike in winter times also most days are crystal clear blue sky. But gets dark soon by 5 pm due to limited sunlight hours, cold morning and late afternoon.  

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