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Rafting Himalayan Rivers

Rafting Himalayan Rivers in Nepal is an exciting experience of great thrills the country offers a wide range of rivers. Fed from the high Himalayan range of peaks, Nepal is rich in its hydro-powers. Stands as the world’s 2nd of large river network the source of the mountain glaciers. 

Including lakes, ponds, streams, and natural springs that make the enjoyable rivers for rafting.

Where world’s highest peaks are located in Nepal, namely Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Makalu, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Manaslu Himalayas. Which makes a wide network of rivers that eventually flows and joins the great Ganges in India.

Rafting Himalayan Rivers in Nepal offer boundless fast-running rivers with bouncy waves and exciting rapids to enjoy. Rafting in Nepal for all types of people from leisure, moderates to adventurous, rafting on various rivers.

One can enjoy the big rivers of the Far East to the western part of Nepal, for a day to weeklong rafting. Most rafting adventures start paddling downstream from mid-hills, heading towards the low warm Terai belt of Gangetic plains.

Various rivers for all age groups, from beginners to expert rafters can enjoy rafting the Himalayan Rivers in Nepal. Provides from scenic floats to moderate exciting bouncy waves to white water rapids, including adrenaline thrills.

Rafting Himalayan Rivers is an enjoyable water sport, besides other various adventure activities like trekking, mountaineering, or biking. 

Enjoy paddling through curly waves and exciting rapids and end the day staying in the comfort of river resorts. As well as camping on the sandy beaches with the sound of river flow close to lovely traditional farm villages.

Rafting Himalayan Rivers, on inflatable spacious boats with expert rafting crews and river staff. All safety measures are well taken care of, from life jackets, and helmets include lifelines. Where all needs a team works to conquer the mighty rapids. Families with young children and elderly folks can enjoy the thrills while also relaxing on an oar boat. The captain sits in the middle with an oar, while you enjoy the fun of going through bouncy waves.  



One of the exciting rafting adventures for a day to 2 days. Where one can enjoy a dose of an adrenaline overload. Bhote Koshi is also known as upper Sun Koshi, the torrent white water river of Bhote Koshi. Which flows from the mighty glaciers of  

Central Mid-East Himalayan range of Tibet and Nepal. The source of this fast running river starts from various tributaries, including the glacial lakes of Dudh-kund. As well for the world’s 14th high Mt. Shisapangma and Jugal Himalaya range towards north from Bhote Koshi River. The area of rafting is close en route border of Nepal and Tibet, China. The river with exciting places as you paddle from Sukute beach towards near Dolalghat town. A few hour drive from Kathmandu to the starting point, and then ending after 3-4 hours of exciting rafting.

For more can stay in lovely Last Resorts, Borderland or at Sukute Beach by the shore of Bhote Koshi River.

02: THE SUN KOSHI RIVER EXPEDITION: Quite close to Bhote Koshi flows the mighty Sun Koshi, known as the river of gold.

Where in early days till present villagers pans for gold dust along the river banks, an exciting rafting river. 

One can enjoy 8 to 10 days of frills & thrills in the" river of gold". Listed as World’s top ten rafting rivers. Where Bhote Koshi and Melamche River joins at Dolalghat to make the great Sun Koshi River. A drive of few hours from Kathmandu to the starting point of rafting at Dolalghat. A small town on the road to Tibet, where adventure begins for a long rafting expeditions. Can take more than a week to ten days floating downstream, depending upon season wise from low to high times.

The rapids are quite gentle on the first few days, as the skill and enthusiasm progresses. Then get ready to conquer the mighty, wild roller coaster rapids, till the rafting comes to an end. As it reach the fertile Gangetic plains of southern, east Nepal ending at great Sapta Koshi River. Where seven rivers joins, from here few hours’ drive to Biratnagar and then fly back to Kathmandu.

03: THE TRISULI RIVER:              

The Trisuli Rivers one of the most popular rivers for enjoyable and exciting rafting for a day or more. The river runs besides the main highway of Nepal, flows from Mt. Ganesh and Langtang Himal. Heading towards low warm land of Terai belt at Royal Chitwan National Park to form great Narayani River. 

Trisuli River, has all the thrills, excitement plus scenic views of the landscape, including exotic flora and fauna. Trisuli with friendly rapids and is an ideal rafting holiday for the beginners, family and birdwatchers. As well for expert rafters and kayakers, Trisuli River, is an ultimate way of reaching the jungle of Chitwan with a surge of adrenaline and a scenic float.

04: THE MASRSYANGDI RAGING RIVER: The Raging River: 2-3 Days Rafting.  The most thrilling and challenging white-water rivers, located Nepal mid-west. The rivers flows from massif Annapurna Himalayas, starting from beautiful Manang valley then runs downstream to Lamjung areas of Besisar. Due to Hydro plant, the rafting is limited for a day to two days, starting from upper side of Lamjung area. Around the warm farm villages of Khudi or Bulbule and float downstream for few hours.

The river starting point, allows exhilarating white water rapids with technical rafting test of ability and the team work. As you float on the exciting and raging Masrsyangdi River.                                              

05: CLASSIC KALI-GANDAKI-5 Days: Flowing from the Mustang Himal through the deepest ravine in the world between the Annapurna and the Dhaulagiri.

Kali-Gandaki offers mighty waves and sandy beaches and rapids like Leopards Jump and Devils shake, with many more exciting white water thrills as you float down stream.

The Rafting trip starts with a drive to Seti Dovan from Pokhara the pace of the trip is supplemented with abrupt drops with spectacular village's terraces with sorrel Himalayan back drop.

06: The SETI RIVER THE MILKY WAY-2-3 Days: White warm water meanders through limestone gorges giving Seti (white) her name is a trip of short duration away from the hustle, bustle off the main highway traffic. Seti River has friendly rapids and is ideal trip for the beginner’s family and birdwatchers.

07: THE GREAT KARNALI RIVER: The Big Bend: 12 Days trip. 

The mightiest river, located Nepal’s remote western Himalayas.

The rafting trip involve few day’s treks carrying all the camping and rafting equipment. Having dozen of porters to carry towards remote country and seldom ventured by foreign travelers. On reaching the proposed starting point of rafting, then paddle downstream, through a series of magnificent gorges, tropical jungle.

To camp at deserted beaches and rural farm villages, after full of thrills in this exceptional big volume of white water rapids on the big bend of Karnali.

08: THE TAMUR RIVER EXPEDITION: 11 Days:  The full Tamur - NEWLY OPENED. Fly Kathmandu to Biratnagar, then a stunning tea house trek towards foothills of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Reaching a small farm town at Dobhan, and them floating downstream paddling the mighty waves and roller coaster rapids. After days of paddling ending the rafting expedition Terai belt, around Eastern Nepal at Sapta Koshi.

The best seasons for rafting: The best time for scenic floats and whiter water from October till May, although some of these period the water can be low.  For expert rafters can enjoy the adventure during July till mid-September. At these times will be really high flows, expect them to be more challenging. 

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