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Namobuddha Day Tour with Shiva Statue

Trip code
Package name Namobuddha Day Tour with Shiva Statue
Duration 1
Max. elevation 1683 m
Level Beginner
Transportation Ground
Accomodation Not Included
Starts at Kathmandu
Ends at Kathmandu
Trip route Kathmandu-Sanga-Panauti-Namobuddha-Kathmandu
Cost USD 45 per person



Namobuddha Day Tour with Shiva Statue, a great combination of Hindu and Buddhist holy sites in a single day trip. Enjoy the day away from the bustling city of Kathmandu, where the drive and hike take you to a serene environment. 

All interested visitors can join and enjoy the scenic and cultural Namobuddha day hike with a visit to the Shiva Statue. The  Day tour , are a blend of both ancient religions of Hinduism and Buddhism in the backdrop of the Himalayan range.

A great way to immerse within Nepalese rural and country traditional farm life, as well observing the age-old cultural heritage. As it were for hundreds of centuries, where this wonderful hike takes you around medieval-era towns and villages.

An opportunity to explore the pristine surroundings outside the valley rim of Kathmandu, where few groups of travelers seldom visit. This makes the Namobuddha day tour with a visit to Shiva Statue so special, in the harmony of a tranquil green environment. Namobuddha is an important pilgrimage site for all Buddhist followers, where visitors can witness beautiful ancient religious monuments and majestic monasteries. 

Includes  the tallest statue of Lord Shiva at Sanga. Which stands at 44 m / 144 feet high as one of the world’s tallest Shiva statues. The areas of tour take you beyond the Kathmandu valley rim, within a greenery country. Where hikers can enjoy the refreshing cool air, in the harmony of beautiful landscape surroundings, facing views of Himalayan peaks

Namobuddha Day Tour with Shiva Statue is a great marvelous outdoor activity for a day. Capturing stunning views of the Snow Mountain range, along with impressive cultures of rural villages and towns. 

Enjoy the day exploring the rural town and farm villages on a pleasant drive to the famous Namobuddha. A holy pilgrimage spot for Buddhist followers, located on a serene high hill, amidst beautiful forest surroundings.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 : Drive to shiva staute and Namobuddha (Visit Namobuddha ans Shiva statue) back to Kathmandu

The morning after breakfast by  as 10 a.m. our guide receives you for an exciting drive outside Kathmandu city. Heading due east reaching the suburb of Bhaktapur city, and then driving towards winding up to Sanga ridge top.

Stopping for a short visit to the Hindu temple of Shiva statue stands tall, almost the height of the Statue of Liberty. From here drive leads to a Banepa town, and then the drive diverts south to an old town of Panauti.  We pass through Panauti, the ancient farm town, and visit the old Hindu temples.

The drive continues heading up on a winding path, avoiding the main motorable road. The drive follows through nice farm villages with neatly cultivated terraces, then slowly the climb ends reaching Namobuddha holy premises. 

Namo Buddha is one of the most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites, reveres as the holiest Buddhist site; located 40 km southeast of Kathmandu.

For Tibetans, Namo Buddha is known as "Takmo Lujin" which means giving body to the tigress. The local Newari name is "Namra, the legend behind Namobuddha where Matriya, the future Buddha. Who came across a feeble hungry tigress with young cubs, the mother tigress was weak. She could not hunt to feed her cubs without regret the lord offered his flesh. Hence saving the tigress and the cubs from hunger. Explore the interesting holy site of Namobuddha, located amidst serene forest surroundings, a perfect spot for worship.

The holy site of Namobuddha, also known as the ‘Three Stupas in Nepal’ or Tagmo Lüjin, translates as "The place where the future Buddha sacrificed his body to a tigress". This holy site is unmistaken based on the clear identification given in the Sutra Requested by the Tigress and so forth. 

After a marvelous day tour, drive towards Kathmandu via Banepa and then on the main road to Kathmandu, and then back to your hotel. Reaching by late afternoon or evening time before dinner.


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